Bridge - Land Surveying in Hutchinson, KS
Garber Surveying Service, P.A. performs construction surveys for many bridge projects each year in the Kansas Department of Transportation Highway and Bridge Replacement Program. Survey crews layout the location for pilings, abutments, and piers to assist the bridge contractor in building the bridge at the right location and elevation. Bridge spans are then surveyed to insure the proper amount of camber and haunch are constructed in the bridge to achieve the design strength and profile.
Greensburg - Land Surveying in Hutchinson, KS
When a tornado destroyed most of the community of Greensburg, Kansas, Garber Surveying Service, P.A. became involved with property owners to re-survey their properties in order to attain a building permit prior to re-construction of their homes. Because of the great loss to the community, Garber provided survey crews at reduced fees to assist with the reconstruction efforts in a caring manner.
Kellogg -  Land Surveying in Hutchinson, KS
Most community projects such as this street and bridge improvement project require extensive construction surveys for the layout of new utilities and infrastructure. Garber Surveying Service, P.A. specializes in working with contractors to provide construction staking throughout the project to complete the project on time and to provide safe infrastructure for the traveling public.