Garber Surveying Service, P.A.


Trusted by Kansans Since 1978.

Garber Surveying Service, P.A. has continued a steady pattern of business growth and service to the Central Kansas area. We have enlisted the use of ever-changing technology to increase productivity and efficiency both in the field and in the office

Surveying, drafting and clerical staff at Garber Surveying are the key to our success. One-third have been employed with Garber Surveying for at least ten years with numerous others having completed five years of service or more.
Realizing service is based on relationships, Dan Garber, President and owner of Garber Surveying, bases his business goals on providing the kind of service he can be proud of and the friendly atmosphere he would desire if he were to change places with his clients. After 33 years of growing his business, Garber realizes the project isn’t finished when the measurements are complete. Clients must receive all data in a format which they understand and can use efficiently. That’s why you can expect Garber employees to remain committed to the end of the project and to provide “Service Beyond Measure.”