About Us



Garber Surveying Service, P.A. was founded by Daniel E. Garber, Registered Land Surveyor, in 1978. Since then, Garber Surveying has developed a team of professionals and technicians dedicated to providing the best service possible to meet the customers’ needs, from inception to completion of projects.

Garber Surveying enlists highly technical instruments and equipment to ensure precision and proficiency in completing projects on-budget and on-time.

Land Surveying

A Professional Land Surveyor renders a highly technical service in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, codes and court decisions established by city, county, state and federal authorities.
Kansas statutes limit the practice to only those persons duly licensed by the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions.
“Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys and Mortgagee Title Inspections have been established to protect the public from inferior land surveying. These standards mandate requirements and procedures for conduct of a survey and information to be provided to the client.